Terrain Insane at Brew 32

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Terrain Insane

P.O.F.P. CrossFit and Brew32 have joined forces to create Terrain Insane with the intention of birthing a new generation of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). Say good-bye to the typical man-made obstacles that have taken over the Adventure Fitness world and hello to new-age obstacles, rough trails, natural streams, live music, locally brewed beers and wines, and a day you likely won’t forget. Get stoked for the experience that is –TERRAIN INSANE.

“A life well spent is a life spent climbing over walls, sprinting up hills, crawling through mud pits, and subjecting yourself to various other forms of magnificently torturous exercise”- unknown. We’re all about enjoying the life we’ve been given to the fullest. Whether you’re an OCR veteran, or you have no idea what that even means, Terrain Insane will challenge you physically, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We hope that by the end of your 3 or 5 mile adventure, you will have had some of the most fun in your life. We’re talking fun like ‘tasting ice cream for the first time’ fun. Lace- up those sneakers, stretch-out those hammies, and come join an incredible community of people loving life.

5 Mile

Early Bird Registration Ends July 26th ~ $76.00
July 27th – Day of ~$95.00
Military Mile ~ $71.25

3 Mile

Early Bird Registration Ends July 26th ~ $72.00
July 27th – Day of ~$90.00
Military Mile ~ $67.50

1 Mile – Kids Race

12 & Under ~ $25.00

For more details, pricing, and registration please visit www.terraininsane.com

Nova Cellars / Brew 32
1474 pa 208 Pulaski, PA

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